Frequently Asked Questions

Consider Training through the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy!

Why should I Consider Training Through the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy?

  • Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy instructors have years of experience in their field of training. Many of them are currently working in their field and can help guide the students to the career they desire.
  • Since this is a virtual program, students can work at their own pace and those completing the program can start on the job in a timely manner and earn money right away.
  • Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy is sponsored by the Greater Michigan Construction Academy thus allowing their students to be certified by the NCCER. If a student leaves the area, the course completion certificates are transferable, portable and recognized throughout the nation.
  • The Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy requires all students in any of the painting and/or restoration paths to complete the Core Curriculum, thus putting safety as its first priority.
  • Veterans may have received Core Curriculum credit in their area of expertise. Contact to see what credits you might have already earned.

Tuition and Course Fees

How much is tuition?

When is tuition due?

Are there discounted fees for Veterans or service members?

Is my course fee refundable if I don’t finish the course?

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What courses are available?

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Will I have access to the course instructors?

Is there a required course for all students?

What is covered in the Core Curriculum?

Do I have to take every level of painting courses?

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Who are the instructors?

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Career Placement

Who will help me with job placement?

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How can I hire your students?


I’m interested in earning a Certification in Painting; where can I find more information?