Step from High School into a Profitable Career

It's time to plan your construction future in residential, commercial, or industrial painting.

The Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy’s interactive, online painting courses give you the knowledge and skills to get out of the classroom and on the job.

Have you ever thought about who paints the walls, buildings, bridges, equipment, and other structural surfaces that surround you?

That person could be you.

Courses can be enjoyed in convenient virtual learning formats to fit your lifestyle and learning style. You can Stream courses to your tablet, laptop or computer. Courses are affordable and scholarships are available so you will not incur any student debt. Many employers will hire students enrolled in the program, so you can start earning a wage.

Get started today by completing the required Core Curriculum covering safety, construction math, tools and much more. Then you can move on to Painting Level 1; where experienced subject matter experts will teach you what you need to know about identifying surfaces, protecting surfaces, basic surface preparation, sealants and repair/fillers, introduction to paints and coatings, and brushing and roller selection and techniques.

Start your journey now in construction education and take the first step toward a profitable career in a fast-growing, in-demand industry.

Build Your Future aims to be the catalyst for recruiting the next generation of craft professionals. We provide a collaborative grassroots approach to construction workforce forecasting and development that includes recruitment, training, placement, retention and image enhancement strategies.

As NCCER accredited, the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy is proud to support Build Your Future Program. Contact our office for more information.