Press Release

June 17, 2021 (West Bloomfield, MI) – Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy is excited to announce that all three of our foundational courses are now available.

The courses include:

• Core Curriculum (Safety)
Prerequisite to Painting and Disaster Restoration programs.
    Modules include:

  • Basic Safety
  • Introduction to Construction Math
  • Introduction to Hand Tools
  • Introduction to Power Tools
  • Introduction to Construction Drawings
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Basic Employability Skills
  • Introduction to Material Handling

• Know Your Hazards - What Everyone in the Construction Industry Should Know
This course is open to all, but will be an additional Prerequisite to the Disaster Restoration courses.
    Course includes:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Electricity Safety Awareness
  • Lead Paint Awareness
  • Silica Awareness
  • Hazard Communication

• Tools for Success – Critical Skills for the Construction Industry
This course is open to all and will help you on your way to a successful and fulfilling career in the construction industry by focusing on critical skills.
   This course includes 13 modules:

  • First Impression: Getting a Job
  • Professionalism: Keeping the Job
  • Building a Strong Relationship with Your Supervisor
  • Teamwork: Getting Along with Your Co-Workers
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Communication Skills I: Listening and Speaking
  • Communication Skills II: Reading and Writing Communication
  • Managing Stress on the Job
  • Thinking Critically and Solving Problems
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Giving and Receiving Criticism
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Substance Abuse on the Job

To register for any of these courses, please go to

About Us

Through recruitment, training and placement, the online Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy will increase skilled craft workforce in safety, painting, and disaster restoration industries by encouraging high school students, Veterans and others to consider these fields.