Press Release

October 26, 2021 (West Bloomfield, MI) – The Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy, which provides training for high school graduates, Veterans, and others looking for a career in a fast-growing, high-demand construction industry, announces that the podcast with C&R (Construction & Renovations) magazine is available at:

C&R magazine publisher, Michelle Blevins, interviewed Kimberly Oderkirk, CEO and Administrator, and Karen Tiedt, Safety and Disaster Restoration Curriculum Advisor, and the podcast is now available online. Hear how the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy began and the important role it fulfills in building construction workforce of tomorrow.

For more information and to register for painting & disaster restoration virtual courses, visit

About Us

Through recruitment, training and placement, the online Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy will increase skilled craft workforce in safety, painting, and disaster restoration industries by encouraging high school students, Veterans and others to consider these fields.