Craft Training

Craft Training at the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy offers students an opportunity to advance their skills as Craft Professionals. Many of the online components are supplemented with activities in order to advance both the student’s knowledge and experience. The NCCER curriculum is modular-based to ensure the student has a clear understanding of the material before they progress to the next component of their training. Upon successful completion of a training level, the student receives a certificate of completion. In addition, we will submit the student’s successful completion to NCCER where it will be recorded in the NCCER National Registry.

All students must be a minimum of 16-years-old.

Admissions Process

If you are seeking an opportunity to train with the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy, visit the registration page and complete the student enrollment form. Application fee and tuition must be paid prior to course material access.

Students must be 16-years-old to participate in craft training. A high school diploma or GED is required unless the student is entered in the “School to Career Program.” Contact the office at 248-432-7153 if you are interested in this program.

School to Career Program

Students in their junior and senior year of high school, desiring to enter the skilled crafts as a career, have the option of enrolling in courses that will count toward their trade training. All requirements for high school graduation at the current grade level must be met in order to participate. These include:

  • Currently enrolled in high school
  • Permission from local high school and parents/guardian must be obtained
  • At least 16-years-old
  • Physically capable of performing the required tasks

Contact for more information


Each year, the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy offers a limited number of scholarships for students and individuals pursuing post-secondary skilled craft education and training. The scholarship amount must be used toward the cost of tuition and books for the student’s first year. Apply here.

Module Completion for Core Safety Training and Painting Training

Any student who did not achieve the minimum 70% test grade may request to retake the module test. This may be done in order to successfully complete the course. There is a two-day wait for craft module retakes and they must be taken within two weeks. Core and Painting level tests will be taken and proctored by NCCER.

Upon completion of all modules in a level of training, students will receive a level completion certification from the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy. Students must complete all levels of training to be considered a graduate of that Program.


Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students must pass each module at 70% or higher. The student will receive a Certificate of Completion stating the craft and year completed.

Construction Job Placement into the Painting & Disaster Restoration Industry

The Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy provides career and job placement assistance; however, we do not guarantee employment. Students may go to the Career Center and submit their resumes to the companies that are members of the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy.

Students in need of assistance for resume’ building should sign up for the Tools for Success course.

When an employer has a position available, it will be posted in the Career Center. The employer can then make their selection from the resumes sent by the student applicants. The employer will directly contact selected students for the position.

Complaints/Grievance Policy

The Grievance Committee of the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy, LLC will ensure that any issues are addressed. A student may appeal an adverse decision or action directly to the Committee. The appeal must be in writing within thirty (30) days of the aggrieved action(s). The committee shall have the right to schedule a meeting (in person or via Zoom) with this trainee. The student may also appeal to the General Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA) within sixty (60) days of written notice of an adverse decision handed down by the committee. The decision of the GMCA will be final.  

Equal Educational Opportunity

Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy admits students and makes available to them its advantages, privileges, and courses of study without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientations, or physical disabilities.

Advancement Through Academics

All students may advance in a training program if they can prove they have sufficient capabilities and on-the- job experience. The procedure of advancement shall be as follows:

  • Students have the opportunity to “pass through” the Core program or Painting Level 1 program in accordance with the guidelines established by the NCCER. The requirement is that in order to receive credit for a level, a student must take a module assessment exam for that level. Upon passing the module assessment, the student will then be given a performance verification test. In order to pass the test, they must obtain a minimum of 80% composite score (with no one module score falling below the required 70%). If the 80% composite is not achieved or one module falls below 70%, the entire course must be taken. Once they have taken and passed the Core module exams; they are eligible to take the module exam for the Painting level 1 program. No one will be permitted to retake a pass thru test.

There is a non-refundable $75 fee for each exam administered. The candidate shall pay the exam fee prior to the exam session

Student Records

All student records are located in a secure, electronic central database. Each student is required to complete and sign an NCCER Records and Release form at the time of their enrollment agreement included in the Core Curriculum Course sign up. This will then give the student their NCCER ID#.