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At Home

The following are required for a student to be enrolled in the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy for Core, Painting, and Disaster Restoration:

  • Enrollment Agreement including the NCCER Registration and Release form
  • The NCCER Registration and Release form is the bottom section and will be automatically forwarded to NCCER which will then give you your NCCER # allowing you to take tests through their system
  • If you are still in High School, check into our “School to Career” program
  • You must provide your social security number on the NCCER form – it will be encrypted when sent to them
  • Once your form is submitted, your NCCER ID # will be in your student profile. Keep this number handy - you will need it to log into your account for all NCCER tests and transcripts
  • NOTE: returning students are not required to re-enroll

Course Descriptions

Before Classes Start

  • Go to the courses section and purchase the course you want to enroll in
  • Pay tuition and book fee
  • Payment must be received by the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy before you start your course
  • The Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy offers a variety of payment options:
    • Pay online through the courses section
    • By phone at 248-432-7153
  • Receive course textbooks
  • Once we receive payment, your textbooks will be mailed to you via UPS

Starting Your First Class

  • Click Here to start your course
  • Follow along with the instructor PowerPoint video and your textbook. The PowerPoint is available in the Related Materials section. Classes are taught as asynchronous online classes.
  • Have a pen/pencil, highlighter and notebook ready to take notes
  • Check out the Painting & Disaster Restoration webstore for supplies 
  • Complete any assignments
  • Take all the module review questions and trade term quizzes

Taking The Module Exam

 We will receive an email that you are ready for this exam, please expect to wait 1-3 business days for us to upload the exam in your NCCER testing system
  • Go to
  • Log in on the Test-Taker login in the top-right corner
  • Click Module tests
  • Log-in with your NCCER Id #
  • Test will be available for you to take in the portal

Job Placement Assistance

  • Check out our Career Center for open positions and our company members who support the Painting & Disaster Restoration Academy

Veterans Information

  • Are you a Veteran? If so, please visit the section to take advantage of your benefits. Contact PDRA at with your Air force Specialty Code, Army MOS code, Marine MOS code, or Navy rate to find out what credits are available to you as a result of your service.